Notation & Audio

Listen to a live recording of a rehearsal of the Queens Samba in full

Below is a list of all the Calls & Responses and Breaks included in the Queen’s Samba.
Click on the MP3 next to the examples for an audio clip, played 4 times with a 4-beat cue in-between.
Click on the headings to view them in grid style notation. You can download/print the Notation Key
For video resources of the material included in the Queen’s Samba – click here

All calls & responses & breaks

Djembes – call & response MP3

Ijexa – call & response MP3

Ijexa – break 1 into Section 1 MP3

Ijexa – break 2 into Section 2 MP3

Ijexa – break 3 into Section 3 MP3

Ijexa – ending break MP3